Maille en carbure de silicium noir grain #360 pour peinture PTFE

Black Silicon Carbide Grit #360 Mesh for PTFE paint

The wear-resistant powder in PTFE paint usually uses green silicon carbide micro powder because green silicon carbide has high hardness and wear resistance. It is suitable for improving the wear resistance of coatings. It is commonly for cooking tools, pharmaceutical reaction containers, chemical equipment, etc. In contrast, black silicon carbide usually has slightly lower hardness and is not as wear-resistant as green silicon carbide. However, in areas where product precision is not high, such as the building materials industry, customers also partially replace green silicon carbide with Black Silicon Carbide Grit #360 Mesh.

The Black SiC Grit #360 Mesh is washed with acid and water. Thus SiC content can also reach over 99%. The content of uniform magnetic particles is low, and the material has a Mohs hardness of about 9.2. Although it is lower than green SiC, it is also much higher than abrasives such as quartz sand and corundum.

The specific technical data of Black SiC Grit #360 are as below:

Physical Index:

Hardness: HV 2840-3320kg/mm2
Hardness: Mohs 9.2-9.3
Specific Gravity 3.2-3.45 g/cm3
Particle Shape Fine powder
Color Black
Bulk density(LPD) 1.32-1.40 g/cm3
Crystal shape Hexagonal
Melting Point dissociated at about 2300°C
Maximum service temperature 1900°C
Thermal conductivity 70-130W/M·K
Thermal expansion coefficient 3.9-4.5 x10-6 /°C (0-1600°C)

Chemical Composition:

Chemical Item Guarantee Value(%) Typical Value(%)
SiC ≥98.5% 99.15
Free C ≤0.20 0.09
Fe2O3 ≤0.10 0.05

Particle size distribution(By Laser Analyzer LS609) :

Size Guarantee Value Typical Value
D10(um) ≥31 31.342
D50(um) 45.5-50.5 49.639
D90(um) ≤75 74.867

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