Poudre de carbure de silicium noir 3000# pour le meulage du marbre

Black silicon carbide Powder 3000# for marble grinding


Black silicon carbide Powder is a pure artificial SiC abrasive powder. It featured excellent hardness, thermal conductivity and effective grinding. Marble is a tough material to grind. The Black SiC powder is just for this task.

The advantages of black silicon carbide powder 3000 # for marble grinding :
1. High hardness. It can remove surface burrs and dents effectively. Compared with alumina polishing powder, black silicon carbide as marble polishing powder has a stronger grinding force.
2. The particles are uniform and delicate. The average particle size of black SiC powder 3000 mesh is 6-7um. The grinding effect is uniform and not prone to scratches.
3. Strong wear resistance, long service life, and the ability to reduce grinding costs.
4. Black silicon carbide powder 3000 # has high chemical stability and will not react with marble, avoiding damage to the stone.
Moreover, its particle size is moderate, which can achieve ideal grinding effects and make the marble surface smoother and more delicate.

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